Cane Bore Iron Ore Project

Cane Bore is located approximately 141km’s by existing roads from Onslow Port, is adjacent to the Mineral Resources haulage corridor, and comprises a single granted exploration licence 08/3078.


Cane Bore location and key targets

Callisto Prospect

The Callisto prospect is a single mesa that extends for an area of 850m by 1,050m and rises approximately 25m above the surrounding plain.  Visually the mesa appears very consistent with respect to composition and texture channel iron type pisolite.  Surrounding the mesa is an extensive area of detrital material that has shed from the mesa.

Low angle view of mesa which rises approximately 25m above surrounding plain

Europa Prospect

The Europa prospect, in the Cane River project, is a single mesa that rises approximately 30m and extends for an area of 600m by 250m above the surrounding landform and is of an irregular shape.  The base of the pisolite sequence is not exposed and initial mapping has indicated that there is textual and compositional variation vertically throughout the mesa sequence.

Europa Low angle view looking east


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