Goldsworthy East Iron Ore Project

The Goldsworthy Iron Project is located 100km east of Port Headland via existing directly along strike from the BHP’s Mount Goldsworthy Mine. Goldsworthy mine produced 55 million tonnes from 1965 to 1982.

Macro considers the project to be highly prospective as mapping and magnetic interpretation has shown the geology of the tenement to consists of the same Cleaverville Banded Iron Formation which hosts the Goldsworthy Iron Ore deposit. No drilling has been conducted across the tenure to date.

A gravity survey was completed in late May 2023. Processing and inversion modelling of this data has highlighted two target zones being a north-west gravity-high/magnetic-low coincident with topographic high which the company has interpreted to be a hematite target and a south-eastern gravity and magnetic-high which is interpreted to be a magnetite dominant target.

Gravity Inversion Models, 1,500m along strike from Goldsworthy Iron Ore mine

The northern target has a strike length of 1,600m, width of 200m and depth extent of 450m.  The southern target has a strike length of 1,100m, width of 215m and depth extent of 400m.

A targeted drilling program is to be undertaken subsequent to the grant of the tenement and attaining drilling approvals.

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